We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

- Winston S. Churchill

Donate, raise funds, volunteer, partner...

Raise Funds - Be A Scarlet!

Host an event. Be on the committee, help us procure donated items for a silent auction (it’s not really that hard), help on the day of the event by registering attendees, there are many possibilities.

Volunteer - You can make a difference

Just as we promote the mission of Sacred Scarlets to enhance awareness and create positive forces of change in society, we can also help you create change through volunteering. Being a volunteer is a fantastic way to give back to one's community and can also give one a sense of purpose when life is full of negative twists and turns. As we grow so do our volunteering opportunities for those who wish to be involved regardless of profession, age, gender or ethnicity. Volunteers come from a wide range of individuals such as students, successful businessmen, teachers and active military personnel.

Volunteer opportunities such as photography, graphics, education, clerical or helping at an event. Also project management, event management, fundraising development or maybe something we haven’t thought of yet.

To volunteer for our various charitable causes please fill out the application below. We will get back to you as soon as your application has been reviewed.


We are keen in developing partnerships with individuals, private and public corporations, non-profit organizations, schools and governments who share similar visions. As partners, together we can increase the likelihood of achieving our respective missions and to amplify each others visibility within the scope of our target communities.

Partner with our existing programs

We'd like to offer new partnerships for our programs like Sacred Scarlets from our Agency for Education, Scarlet Macaw Discovery Tour from our Agency for Conservation as well as Raise the Phoenix and from our Agency for Donations & Grants.

Partner with a brand new program

We additionally seek partners to become involved in forming new program ventures. If you have an idea about something and feel it would fit into our foundation's aims and goals, please contact us using the form below. We'd be more than happy to hear your proposal and see where it goes from there.