Scarlet Macaw Discovery Tour - Sacred Scarlets

Scarlet Macaw Discovery Tour Scarlet Macaw Discovery Tour

Become an ambassador for the scarlet macaw. By participating in the Scarlet Macaw Discovery Tour you will see the lands where scarlet macaws live, once lived, belong and need to remain. Hundreds of individuals work to make this happen on the front line. Not all of us can or need to be working directly with the birds. Yet governments, corporations, individuals young and old can be effected by your personal experience. That unique experience through our Discovery Tours will make you an ambassador for their survival. You can inspire and motivate and ultimately make a better place where nature and the modern world come together!


buy celebrex 200mg Sacred Scarlets will soon be partnering with experienced tour guides to provide opportunities to visit the scarlet macaw’s mystical Maya homelands. See where they were revered as gods over two thousand years ago, their image carved in stone, lands now cleared for farming and the facilities working successfully, yet still precarious, to preserve these magnificent birds in their natural habitat.

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