Scarlet Macaw in the Southwest Culture Area - Sacred Scarlets

Scarlet Macaw in the Southwest Culture Area

Below you will find a compilation of papers, journals/magazines and books relevant to the Scarlet Macaw in the Southwest Culture Area.

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Long Distance Macaw/Shell Transport Routes by Richard D. Fisher,  “Ancient Knowledge of the Chaco Canyon Anasazi”, 2005

Report on Three Archaeological Parrot Skeletons from Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico by Lyndon L. Hargrave, 1966

Prehistoric Macaws of  The American Southwest by Kimberly Munro, 2011

Scarlet Macaws and Their Kin in the Desert Southwest  by Tom Leskiw, 2013


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Archaeology Southwest Vol.21, No.1 Spring 2007



Birds of Sacrifice, Charmion R. McKusick, Arizona Archaeological Society, 2001