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Fascinating Feathers

here Below you will find a compilation of papers, journals/magazines and books relevant to feathers.

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 Feather facts from the Raptor Research Foundation

All About Your Parrots Feathers, Ron Hines DVM PhD


The feathers of scarlet macaws gain their red coloration via five lipochromes produced only in parrots. The following articles/scientific papers expand on this.

ASU Researchers Finds Novel Chemistry At Work To Provide Parrot’s Vibrant Red Colors, ScienceDaily, February 28, 2005

Distribution of unique red feather pigments in parrots – Kevin J McGraw and Mary C Nogare, Biology Letters – 2005

Colour My World: Red parrot feathers resist bacterial degradation, GRRLSCIENTIST, The Guardian, 2010

Bacillus licheniformis – Wikipedia